Marcy Tip Tape
Universals - Channel Moldings Print
Universal Rubber Moldings
Fit a 90º corner, without notching!

Marcy Moldings fit around corners better than any other universal (hot or cold). They will not roll off the edge, begin to notch, or have the cap curl up even when fitted around tight corners. They work so well that you can replace many part-specific moldings, improving your bottom-line.

Produced with a new blend of synthetic rubber and a unique channel design, Marcy Moldings remain flexible in cold weather. They provide excellent cornering and grip, and give a professional finish to your installations. They will not fade, crack, or shrink.

Made with butyl and in eight profiles, these universal rubber moldings cover a wide range of automotive glass from most global manufacturers. Available butyl-free upon request. See the Marcy Molding Application Chart for full listing.

Universals - Channel Moldings

Part No. Description Unit Packaging
Butyl in Channel - Repositionable butyl allows for firm grip, yet clean removal if needed.
all reels are 75’ (22.8m), except the M31 which is 50’ (15.2m)
M16 16mm (5/8”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M19 19mm (3/4”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M25 25mm (1”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M31 31mm (1-1/4”)
rolled in box; 5 boxes / case
M16L 16mm (5/8”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M19L 19mm (3/4”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M7 7mm (1/4”)
single reels; 6 reels / case
M10 9.5mm (3/8”)
single reels; 6 reels / case

Available butyl-free upon request.