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About Marcy Adhesives
Our Products Work for You.

Marcy invents, manufactures, and distributes adhesive-related products for the glass and automotive industries. Founded in 1973, Marcy now has customers on six continents, and is best known for specialty no-residue tapes that have been engineered and manufactured specifically for application to glass and metals that will be exposed to demanding environments.

From our core trademark, no-residue orange tape (used for glass packaging, moulding retention, and windshield protection), we have expanded our capabilities to include polymer extrusions (universal and fitted mouldings with pre-applied adhesive), protective products (for vehicles prior to repair, and for glass during distribution), and related sundry products (applicators, foams, butyls, etc.) for the auto glass industry.

Our company has two basic operating divisions organized around customer groups: autoglass and factories. In both cases we produce products designed for industry-specific applications that draw upon our core strengths in adhesive and polymer technologies. Informing all of our actions and transactions is our basic Company Vision and Code of Sustainability.

Marcy's Guiding Vision:
Our vision is to help make the glass and automotive industries more efficient in their delivery of effective and useful products for the consumer. From glass factory to distributor, and from installer to customer, our innovative products enhance the operations, performance and profitability of our customers, and help to deliver quality and security to the consuming public.

Imagination and creativity inform our vision and are at the heart of our company’s ethos. While we take great pride in our existing product line, we also have a restless desire to always improve and innovate. We believe that a “culture of creativity” is not only good business, but that it serves the larger purpose of Marcy being a good corporate citizen in our local community and the world at large.

Our history of ongoing product development demonstrates our commitment to innovation of product, process, and materials. Marcy began as a supplier to the automotive and glass industries twenty years ago by inventing the first all-weather, No-Residue Moulding Retention Tape. Other firsts include: Window Guard™, Windshield Tip-Tape, Double-sided Foam Tape, Self-Adhesive Under Glass Moldings, Windscreen Wrap, and Butyl-in-a-Box. Our efforts have yielded four U.S.Patents, with more on the way.

Since our beginnings in the Midwest U.S., we have grown to become an international company with sales on six continents. We base our continued growth on the belief that we and our customers share a common goal in providing useful, quality goods and services to vehicle owners in communities throughout the world.

While the world of business is grounded in and often inspired by competition, we also believe that cooperative partnerships are a higher form of relationship that benefits all concerned parties. Sustainable, enduring, long-term relationships that respect mutual interests guide our conduct and priorities as a company, today and tomorrow.

Marcy's Code of Sustainability:
Yet sustainability goes well beyond preserving corporate relationships and profits. Rather, it is rooted in an ethic of care and concern for the natural world upon which all life ultimately depends, and to the interconnected web of social relationships that form the human community. This care and concern for both the social and natural worlds extends beyond the immediate present to encompass generations yet to come.

Therefore we make it a company policy to opt for more environmentally-friendly materials that comprise our own products (e.g., choosing to use water-based adhesives as opposed to solvent-based), and to seek to reduce waste within our own operations (recycling of office papers, inks, etc.; use of ionized-filtered water instead of bottled water; re-use of packaging and pallets; energy efficient lighting; etc.).

But perhaps our greatest contribution to sustainability, beyond our own internal operations, is in the waste-reduction products we currently produce and supply for the glass industry. For example, one of our products, Windshield Tip-Tape, was reported by an overseas customer to have reduced damaged/scrapped glass from 4% to under 1%. This means less landfill waste and reduced materials/energy/carbon required to replace damaged goods. Further, many of our packaging products require far less material (and disposable scrap) than alternative products. Finally, we are actively working on the development of an all-bio, fully biodegradable line of tapes for the auto glass industry which will further reduce waste/materials/emissions in the automotive and glass industries.

In sum, we believe that sustainability is good business because it makes our operations more efficient, our products of greater value, and our sense of purpose stronger.  Sustainable business practices are mindful of the present and future, satisfying the demands of both the bottom-line and the distant horizon.